John Swinfield has won three Royal Television Society awards. He's pictured here, right, having won the premier RTS East Anglia award for his services to the arts. As the executive producer of arts and features for\Anglia Television he created and ran many series, including Marquee and First Take, the former an arts documentary series, the latter a series featuring first time film makers. 
For three years he was the editor of Artists & Illustrators, a foremost arts magazine, from which he resigned in March 07, to concentrate on writing, public speaking and media guidance for several international companies. He has also built a formidable reputation in a totally different area of TV: business and economics. A former reporter with the Money Programme (BBC2) he created Enterprise for ITV/C4 a series of candid film profiles shot around the world featuring such luminaries as Gloria Vanderbildt, David Rockefeller, Arnold Weinstock, Charles Forte and Richard Branson. 

He  wrote a business column for the London Evening Standard for five years, Breaking Through, and won the Radio and TV Industrial Journalist of the Year award for his C4 and ITV trilogy of hour-long documentaries on Robert Maxwell, Lord King of British Airways and Lord Weinstock of GEC. He won the Shell Award for his profile of Arnold Weinstock. His Stocks and Shares Show, which he produced and presented for C4, was another pathfinder series.

John Swinfield won the Sandford St. Martin  Premier Award for his film Beggars in Paradise, a portrait of a worker priest in Peru, part of a series of half-hour documentaries about dispossessed peoples which he produced, directed and presented across Latin America and south east Asia. Swinfield has an MA in maritime history from the Greenwich Maritime Institute, part of Greenwich University; his dissertation won the Royal Marine Society prize for outstanding post graduate historical research.

John Swinfield far right