John Swinfield has enjoyed a distinguished career in television. After Fleet Street he worked for Anglia TV before joining Nationwide (BBC1) as a reporter and later The Money Programme (BBC2) as a reporter and studio presenter. His hour-long documentaries for The Money Programme included New York Debt City, highlighting the fiscal plight of the city; The Second Gold Rush, the story of Alaskan oil from Prudhoe Bay, and The Wildcatters, a film about the oil men of Oklahoma and Texas.

Returning to ITV he created the celebrated Enterprise series which won several awards. Filmed around the world it featured international business moguls from David Rockefeller to Sir Richard Branson, Robert Maxwell to Gloria Vanderbildt. His other titles included The Second Revolution, a series which traced Britain's change from a manufacturing to a science based economy; Five Lives, in which Swinfield talked to the parents of tragically ill children; Professionally Speaking in which he interviewed leaders of the professions. 

In South east Asia and Latin America he made award winning films about dispossessed peoples before being made the executive producer of arts and features for Anglia TV where he was responsible for a wide range of programming.


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Louis Heren - 1972 BBC



John Swinfield with Charlie Burrows (Part 1)


John Swinfield with Charlie Burrows (Part 2) 



John Swinfield with Charlie Burrows (Part 3) 



John Swinfield with Charlie Burrows - Final 


John Swinfield with Bernie Colgan in South America. (Part 1)


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