John Swinfield television presenter, producer, author and journalist.





John Swinfield is a television director, producer and presenter. Widely published he began in newspapers as a reporter before joining ITV and the BBC.

A well-known public speaker, he is the former Radio and Television Industrial Journalist of the Year and the winner of several other broadcasting and editorial awards.

He is the former executive producer of arts and features for Anglia TV,  and the editor of Artists & Illustrators, a leading title devoted to art and painting.

An adviser to international companies on media and public relations, he offers TV training to businesses and individuals; tuition in script writing, reporting and presenting to aspiring TV and journalistic personnel.

He also runs residential creative workshops tailored to individual requirements.

John Swinfield has an MA in maritime history and is the author of Airship; design, development and disaster, published by Conway Maritime part of Anova Books. An article about this subject by John Swinfield is in History Today Magazine. 

He has also written Sea Devils, a history of pioneer submariners, published by the History Press.  


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